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Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

The differences between PDF Editor, PDF Editor Pro and PDF Editor Objects

PDF Editor Pro = PDF Editor + PDF Forms
PDF Editor Objects = PDF Editor + PDF Forms + PDF Shrink + PDF to DXF + Paper/Picture to DXF + EMF/SVG export + save as PDF/A.

PDF Editor Pro - add fillable form fields to the PDF file

With "PDF Editor Pro" you can add new form fields. This is not possible with "PDF Editor". "PDF Editor Pro" is like "PDF Editor" and "PDF Forms" in one program! PDF Editor Pro is cheaper than to buy both programs separately. You can test the features of PDF Editor Pro in the demo version. You find these functions in the menu "Forms". There is only one demo version for all 3 versions of PDF Editor.

PDF Editor Objects - add fillable form fields and many export functions

Like PDF Editor Pro, but with additional features. With "PDF Editor Objects" you can export as DXF, SVG and EMF. You can recognize lines in pictures and save them as dxf file. You can compress existing pictures and shrink the file size of the pdf file. You can also save the file in the PDF/A 1b format.

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